How to get the best from your Football, Wedding and Commando Season

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More people are starting to realise Riley Fitness is where you come if you want the world’s fittest man, football trainer or commando for starters… Riley Fitness is recognised for training footballers* (plus additional footballer’s wife’s), brides, grooms, professionals and wannabe Royal Marine Commandos. Especially since we have acheived a 100 % pass rate for all our clients that went on their potential Royal Marines course (PRMC), to get on to Royal Marine training and enjoy a great career. Simply my clients get the best personal development that I can muster, making you my mission, this is my motivation. I cannot stand letting some one down, I am a little old fashioned I find, to most people I come across. What is my failure? Well only when I fail to go passed my own expectations, though passed the other current world standards, when the necessary preparation and foundation has being applied within our team work. What am I on about? Well I suggest you have a look at my website and scroll down other blogs in the archives, to get the real picture.


Whatever type of training we do together, like my personal wedding training above. Don’t worry you don’t have to get married, or repeat the process of emptying your bank account, or your parents. You may see the trainer, or not? The piece of foot wear. You need to get your trainers on and get moving. I will show you the best ways, for the best winning body, shape and fitness you want, no matter how high your goals are. Our own personal challengers is what sets us apart from one another, you would not be reading this, if you thought it would be easy, otherwise why bother to put the effort in. One life, one shot, I swear by. You might as well do it properly, rather than have regrets of what if?


As a look forward.

I will return, with more on, one of my latest client’s goals, literally as the weeks roll on. *I have being working full time with this special footballing talent in North West England for the last two weeks. Liam Evans of Port Vale Football Academy. Liam has one of those one life, one shot moments. Come this December sometime, currently unknown to the day. Will he make the grade of achieving his professional football contract with Port Vale? After December has passed Liam and his other team mates don’t ever get another chance, in life! Liam is taking no chances and is with me, not to improve his football skills, but his fitness. He and his father recognise as do some football clubs, having a top level fitness foundation and more importantly maintaining it (the fun part) is the key to being a successful professional footballer.


I developed defender Danny Collins, then at Premiership side Stoke, now Captain of Nottingham Forrest. As a bonus, in regaining his International form, he scored 2 goals, from not having scored for over  2 years, not bad for playing at the back. Liam is a good lad. He knows this is the biggest test of his life, to perform. I have developed a variety of progressive training plans, for Liam to get ahead of the pack and be number one on the squad. I have told him from day one, he is already a professional footballer. Bearing in mind he has been playing since he could walk and he turned down to be signed for Manchester United when he was 8 and 10 years old. He is a professional in his mind-set; all he needs to do is get the piece of paper! I am not resting on my laurels with Liam’s dreams. Onward and upward to December. By the way, Liam has already admitted he thought he knew what training was, until we started. Between me and you (he’ll be too tired to read this) he has a lot of fun surprises to come, from my Cheshire personal training. Just you wait and see.

Live your Dreams


The World’s Fittest Man.







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  1. Camilla says:

    Hi Lee. My fitness adviser told me to read your blog and I just wanted to comment to say you’re a great writer! I’m feeling very motivated. Thank you!

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